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Hastkala Photoshoot & Videoshoot


Located in the heart of Delhi, Story Unfolds Cafe inside Garden of Five Senses Park, is one of the most happening place for photoshoots and events. The team consists of photographers, hair and makeup stylists and the beautiful models. It was a great experience for the whole team.

Video Shoot

This is our favorite part of the shoot experience! Our Clients are the heart of why we do what we do. We get a chance to meet amazing people who love their jobs and want to share their passion through video. Being there watching the Client’s message come to life is exciting and memorable.
Seeing the entire shoot come together with the music and pictures – the story comes alive through video. This process is fun to be a part of… starting with the vision, script production, shooting, editing and then the final video delivery.

Product Promotion

Located in a chic industrial warehouse five minutes from the Jaipur city, The event was a buzzing hive of playful creativity. They had a creative space of epic collections. The event was full of glamorous divas wearing a blend of ethnic & contemporary styles.

Event in Jaipur
Reshmee Silhouettes Photoshoot
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Fantastic experience with lots of learning! With almost 50 outfit changes and two models makeover, styling sessions ready to depict the designer wears look elegant cum fashionable. Working in a range of studios, and privately in the high fashion spectrum, we could see ways in which the designer deserved an overhaul - we’d brought genuine photography experiences to the designer.