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In creating this Arkade Earth ad, our team delved into the Arkade Earth’s motto, “Return to roots.” We designed each scene to capture real moments of family connection and rediscovery. 

The storyline follows a busy family caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Through our lens, we showcase the child’s innocent curiosity and the parents’ hectic schedules, portraying relatable scenarios that resonate with audiences.

We planned every set to make it feel like a cozy home, setting the perfect stage for the family’s story. Whether it’s the busy kitchen or the peaceful outdoor scenes, we paid attention to every detail to bring out feelings of nostalgia and belonging.

One of the highlights of this project was the incorporation of nature as a central theme. Through strategic cinematography and set design, we integrated elements of the natural world into the family’s narrative. We used lush greenery and gentle natural lighting to show the comfort and happiness of connecting with our roots.

Moreover, our team collaborated closely with Arkade Earth to ensure that their brand values were authentically portrayed throughout the ad shoot. From the choice of props to the dialogue delivery, every aspect was aligned with Arkade Earth’s mission of promoting harmony between people and nature.

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Arkade Earth

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