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Introducing our latest music release, ‘Chobare Aali,’ presented by Abhi Payla & Promoedge Media. This song showcases the dynamic pair of Aamir TRT and Abhi Payla, featuring the melodious voices of Mohit Sharma and Abhi Payla. Lyrics, written by Azad Singh Ji, blend perfectly with the catchy tunes created by D Chandu.

In this video directed by Anishh, you’ll witness the amazing performances of Aamir TRT, Abhi Payla, and the charming Akaisha Vats as the female lead. The music video, crafted by Flying Arrow Creations, is a visual spectacle brought to you by a talented team.

Behind the scenes, Abhi Payla himself takes charge of the rap and rap lyrics, giving a unique vibe to the overall composition. The video’s creative direction is led by Anishh, with a fantastic crew including Akshay Rahi, Nishan Singh, Sushil Thind, Rajat Manchanda, Sumit Kumar, Deepesh Rakheja, Abhimanyu Iglesias, Pawan Kumar, and Manish Panghal. 

The entire project is produced by Promoedge Media, under the guidance of Shizan Firdausi. Special thanks to Shoaib Shakeel from Top Real Team for their invaluable contributions.

Our gratitude goes out to ABC Digital for digital distribution, Mohyyyt for the digital poster, and Anshulxiom for the poster and thumbnail design.

Get ready to enjoy the beat and visuals of ‘Chobare Aali’ – a project filled with love from the Promoedge Media family.

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