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Introducing the ‘Ask to Bid Show’ by Octa FX, a talk show that explores the world of trade and finances. Launched in 2022 and hosted by Ravi Dubey, the show featured well-known celebrities like Jay Bhanusali, Himanshi Khurana, and Aly Goni in three exciting episodes.

In each episode, our talented host, Ravi Dubey, guided the discussion, posing thought-provoking questions about trading and finances to our esteemed guests. The show not only provided valuable insights into the trading world but also entertained viewers with the perspectives of our celebrity participants.

The ‘Ask to Bid Show’ was more than just a talk show, it was an engaging platform where industry experts and celebrities came together to share their experiences and knowledge. As the proud video production partner, Promoedge Media Pvt Ltd ensured top-notch quality in bringing this insightful and entertaining show to life.

Explore the world of trade and finance with our dynamic host and celebrity guests. Watch the episodes to gain valuable insights and enjoy the mixture of entertainment and finance, only on the ‘Ask to Bid Show’ brought to you by Octa FX and produced by Promoedge Media Pvt Ltd.

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