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Welcome to the heartwarming Maruti Suzuki Alto K10’s latest ad campaign, “Rishton ki Chal Padi”, produced by Promoedge Media, this 3 minutes and 41 seconds ad capture the essence of the Holi festival, celebrating the bonds that make life truly special.

The ad beautifully captures the value of the festival, bringing to life the importance of family connections. As the family heads to their grandmother’s house for Holi, the video nostalgically reflects on the carefree days of childhood when responsibilities were a distant thought. The tagline, “Rishton ki Chal Padi,” perfectly captures the emotional core of the campaign, emphasizing the significance of relationships in life’s journey.

Shot against the colorful backdrop of Holi, the video not only showcases the joy of the festival but also subtly highlights the reliability and comfort of the Maruti Suzuki Alto K10, the perfect companion for every family celebration.

Come along as we revisit the happiness of Holi, family, and the reliable Alto K10. Every trip turns into a special moment.

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